Am I, My Brother's Keeper

Written by: John Streeter

Whoe, beyond the great blue sky, lies a distance galaxy that grotesquely form the
canvas of a Omnipotent mind.
"Am I, my brother's Keeper, one has asked? must I deal with hatred as my task?' 
Racism's - there, don't dare be dismayed. One should have compassion on this
live-lone-day. Beneath the skin we're all the same. For blood is red, yes that much
I knew. I know that my brother is red, black, and white. What I do-not-know is which
one is you;
    For black on black crime and white on white time, "all brings about hatred, dying for a 
dime".  More bombs are built, and so are more jail's, more wars are fought, the pain is
getting deeper. Soon there be noone to be "My Brother's Keeper".