Dream with a Vision

Written by: John Streeter

    Some men's have dream's that forsee into the vision of the impressible days that
comes and go. Some womens have a vision from their dreams, that visualize the
prosperity of the comfort zone that shall enhance an valiant decision. A decision of
"do's and do nots", as life teaches us that what we learn sometimes compliment what
shall we earn. Some men's have dream's within the vision that help determine the
"Emancipation of the Whole-Wide-World. How contrite the word of God is an everlast-
ing to everlasting archeaology that decides where life goes and the decision to believe
in the Heaven's;
    I once had a vision of a place, were they say, "there shall be no more pain". It was
in a place-where all men's go to face judgement of their King!..
    Ezekiel once had a dream of the oracle of God, in which his vision orgestrated by 
the Lord, help imprint in his mind{Ezekiel} that we're to always be prepared for the
vision of were we are going and judgementally, were we come from.
To properily reposition yourself for God's purpose, one must first believe in the dream,
and secondily one must reconvent a purpose to believe in acceiving a perivual view of
all the connected vantage point's of the vision of seeing from any angle, that the truth
will bring solidity.