Written by: Jeffrey Lee

When two hearts said good-bye 
But so many days have past by
My tears have fallen like rain
Please let us get rid of the past pain
Baby no one knows what the future will see 
Tears will come from love or pain so let it be
So many feelings, our love will bring 
From days of tears, to days I will sing 
When I embrace you my heart still knows 
With in my heart, new love still grows
Don't turn your back, don't walk away 
From all dreams of love, of yesterday 
Don't let that loved one, just walk away, 
Because of hard times you had that day
Wake up, from dreams we now have shared, 
Believe in love and don't be scared. 
With in our hearts we shared so deep 
With all those feelings and love we keep 
Two hearts will beat with one you see
With memories of love for eternity
Express, what your heart wants to give 
So our dreams will forever live
Remember when, you said good-bye, 
The tears of love, my heart did cry
I miss your soft gentle touch
Baby girl I love you so much
I never wanted what we he had to end
Remember at first we was friends
My heart is in need of great repair 
But until that time I must prepare
This is not a lullaby song
Please tell me where did we go wrong