Sophmores (Education Game)

Written by: Aleera Canino

Not a "Newbie" in the High School, 
 But also isn't yet that Senior to rule.
New teachers and new classes.
 More shirts, pants and new glasses.

Different here, the classes are "blocked".
 Each subject is an hour and a half on the clock.
Can't miss too many days.
 Or there will be a lot delays.

Only four subjects per semester.
 Even for the silly class jester.
Harder the keep your average an "A".
 In your books your nose has to stay.

All in all, school isn't all that much fun.
 But if you want a decent life, it has to be done.
Each day Mom pushes them to make the best.
 And every day she is always impressed.

Great boys, who do the best they can.
 And Mom, who is their biggest fan.
She just wants them to be better than her,
 So a hard life, they won't have to incur. 

They'll be successful in College and High School.
 Each hardship will be their secret jewel.
It makes them stronger and full of life.
 So in education, they WILL be rife. 

For John Loving III's "Education" Game, As Always "Demented" Illyanna, You Are Up.