Sunburnt... **Peeling***

Written by: sajdah al-riyami

I see the waves face each other in anger of falling tears
Then they collide into one another to fight
But end up making love in the peace sun

Why cant i make peace in the sun?
Why cant i forgive the forgotten?
Why cant i forget the forgiven?

The hardest thing in my life is to shed my tears
infront of all
And yet here i am not caring
Shedding them out

Its like a puddle of what i thought is my own blood
But my blood still floods my insides
Its my heart im shedding
Is this forgetting the forgiven?

But i place my hand on my cheecks
The back of it used as a tissue
And i look at my hands and see it peeled
Am i forgiving the forgotten?

(I dunno wheather i should enter this into sheeding your skin contest.I need at some 
enthusiasm.Let me know if i shouldn't or mawb change it or just keep it this way and enter 
it.Thanx to all=) )