The Stranger

Written by: Terri Evans

I feel alone tonight 
I cant sleep and its dark
I'm sitting here in my
quiet room remembering
everything about you.

I remember on lonley nights like this 
you'd be  bugging me knocking
on  my door as i pretend to not 
make a sound.

I would push you away when
I should have  held you close
and letting you know you annoying me
is what  I  love   about you most.

There would be some days we'd watch movies
Everything would be fine then we there would
was days where we would be mad at each other
and we  would  both cry.

There would be days we  would spend away
but hang out at least one  time that  day.

I'm sorry I would  push you away when you  hugged
me tight
 I'm sorry I murmured I love you  after our  goodbyes.
I'm sorry I was never there like you needed me to be.
 Most of all I'm sorry  to the stranger I never knew.

-Terri Evans