Written by: Linh Huynh

today was the first time i cried, for a long time,
i felt my fears flow once again,
i felt all that had once ruptured my heart had come back to haunt me,
i saw the memories that i had locked away,
and i faced my fears,
once again.

i was crying and couldnt stop,
oh how i wish i didnt,
but i found myself, bowing to my weakness once again,
im afraid
i want to take back the wrong that i had done,
but i cannot turn back time,
i always seem to be ruining things,
i just wish i knew what to do...

now... im here, unable to face you with apologies,
unable to say anything,
but wishing,
that maybe,
tomorrow will be okay...
*crying my heart out*
i couldnt tell you.
im to afrid, so here it is.
i lay myself out to u,
at my weakest.