How can love hurt?

Written by: Sabrina Huggins

The word " love" sounds so nice and pleasant. But once you receive it from an sufficient
other, it may not be so pleasant and lovely. "Love" can be a four letter lie. Its probably
the most common word used in an lie. As they say love comes with pain and with pain comes
love. But some forget that love is often an " Give, Take, Receive" sort of thing. By that
i mean, sometimes you have to give up something, so your better half can have what they
want or to keep things peaceful between one another. So you give a little and take a
little, but not all at once. The take part can be as simple as paying for dinner. Your
better half should know, OH! This is his gift to me and i don't have to pay him back. Love
can hurt when your better half poses an change. When you look into his eyes and that
gentle touch isn't there, it can burn your heart from the inside out. Or the things he use
to do, he doesn't do. But these things can be discussed and passed. 

So really love isn't that bad, it just has to be an understanding between one another.

It only hurts when you open you hear like and off-ramp and he runs away and jumps onto