Man of self pity

Written by: sindisiwe Dube

Iam moved by the words you say 
lam grived by the words you utter
You are a vine that has been cut off and left without water
Happiness takes over your heart when everyone is around
In such a way you feel bound
Loneliness takes over you when you are on your own
You feel like a nobody
To you self pity is a river and you drown yourself in it
You are a victim and everyone is out there to get you
ln your heart you say "no one has seen the trouble l have seen"
In your mind you say "Failure was meant for me"
You have forgotten to hold on to your self worth
That man in you fears rejection and so rejects first
You wish you have success other people have 
What you do not know is they have their own shares of problems too
You spend your days in mourning
And your head is covered in ashes
The sun shines on everyone but you
Listen man of self pity it is time you opened your eyes 
to the little blessings you have
Get up and face life with its challenges
Its time you open your eyes to the little blessings you have
Some people will give  anything to have what you have