My little star

Written by: sindisiwe Dube

l held an angel in my arms
His smile pierced my heart
His eyes shone on me
He held my hand l held his
I found peace what a serene night
l pleaded to God dont let him leave me
the reason why l smile the smile from the heart
My bungle of joy
My one true love
lf l knew in the future l would meet him
l would not have tarried
l would have lived with a song in my heart whispering through the night 
"Thank you Jesus"
You are an angel
you shine up my whole life
God gives and you are God given
Little star shine shine in the night
rise higher and higher till you reach the heavens
Go tell the moon to keep you safe
Or else l lose  my breath
You give hope to my hopefuless soul
Grow more and more
you are in God's hands