Makers Mark and Shaggy

Written by: Christie Moses

it rips my veins like a bruise
stumbles through my blood at midnight
vampire eyes of a haunting hue
              (your gaze mesmorizes me)
my addiction prowls the black sky
on feline paws of female 

rips through my bare skin like claws
power courses a sultry haven
naked sweat trickles down my chest
a line of want and eroticism
you trace it like a hungry man

in my auburn hair entwined your hands
(tangles coil around your fingers)
on my insides reigns your  strength

“freaky girl” on the radio
my thoughts consumed with you
       buried in a sea of fire
licking my lips like flames do….
(like small explosions behind my lids)

I would meet you out
wearing just an over coat and hat
       I am a naughty girl……
yes….you know I would
in a minute if you asked me too….

slide your legs between my thighs
and make me one with you…..

molten lava burns me hot
I’m gone with just one shot
turned on like a light switch
                     just awaiting you…..

sing it Shaggy….make me weak
bring it on….I’m such a freak….
mouths are made for tongues that meet
and cherry flavored sipping

come for me….as I echo….echo…in your skin