Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Written by: Carrie Richards

When dread sweeps over the world
Shrill as a lonely wind
Yet soft is the pillow beneath my head
Crisp and cool is the linen sheet
Ample and soft the generous bed
Instead of the act of counting sheep
I count the ones who trudge the night
Who shiver with fear in their weary fight
While those who sit so eager in philanthropy
What consequence lie their plan of victory
Seeming surprised that when a limping peace
Returns a fragment of the youth war took
Do they turn their heads, for second look?
Those who stand erect in patriotic pride
Forgetful that it was not they who died?
When dread sweeps over the world
Bleak as a wind in the night
As I lay me down to sleep
I pray for young souls who now lay dead
And pray for souls that trudge the night
And all the brave who fight the fight
Now I lay me down to sleep
And last I pray for those who weep...