Written by: Neldy Jolo

Carol Brown  shall take the crown is now I found
Ernilando Tugaff to tap the top guides me to craft 
Deborah Guzzi to teach me the piece in the ocean sea
Jayne Eggins as my lens to lend to capture the good ends

Ruben Ortellao for me to bow and how to plough the romance of brow 
Adeleke Adeite I gained a solid bit to write a simple pit
William Kershaw shown me hope that shines through
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen moving me to a den of gent  

Ciara Aiyana Gomez  never I missed what she said go far beyond ordinaries
Sara Kendrick thought me to trek the trails of diamond creek 
Jared Pickett inspired me to love a great vast of pike  
These great poets I shall owe the humble thanks!