Legacy of Pain

Written by: Gwen Lemmens

Legacy of Pain

Redeemed myself, as I fought for love
Like shattered glass, biting through my skin
You damaged parts of me that can't be fixed easily
All i can do is reclaim what's no longer mine

I've chosen every road, fought every teardrop
What remains is a shadow of what i used to be
A fragile little girl, frightend of a womans world
where leachers dive in and break your spine

Sucking and biting, roaming your blood
Like a foodfest of evil depriving your soul
They tear you down, from dress to gown
till you're naked shaking from head to toe

Had no one to warn me, to clear my head
A ship lost at sea, with no guiding light of hope
weathered each storm, while my heart was torn
but i couldn't escape even if i wanted so

Bewildered and scared of a future alone
I paced through the night, while saying goodnight
knowing the heartache would be far from gone
when I'd open my bloodshed eyes at dawn

You kept me hooked with a chain of pain
dangling from my neck, saying what the heck
drama is what you're looking at my friend
you take it or leave it, stay or be gone

And so I stayed praying things would change
thinking I could fix what was meant to be broken
lord knows how hard i tried to soften every fight
with a kiss to make up to the point of breakup

And here i stand... alone again
freed from the demon, that stole my sanity
like a shadow on a wall, a ghost in the hall
invisible like the scars, our legacy remains