Man Of Our Dreams....

Written by: Aleera Canino

I see you for who you really are.
 Did you think I'd ever let it go so far?
Once I thought you were beautiful, and sweet. 
 Getting over on me, that was no easy feat. 

It's okay though, I'll play your little game.
 Pretending I am interested, when I know you're lame.
I can't believe the incomplete truths that spew out of your mouth.
 To think, if I hadn't found out in time, it would be my life going South.

I'll pretend I don't hear you on the phone with that other girl.
 The sickly sweetness that pours out of your mouth makes me want to hurl.
I wonder how long you can keep up this mendacious charade.
 Maybe if I wish hard enough, you and your forked tongue will fade.

I chuckle as you actually think that I believe your lies.
 They are as cold and uncaring as those ice azure eyes.
Funny that it is I, who now holds your fate in my hands.
 These poor women you imprint upon, they will never understand.

I have to take you down, so you can do no more women harm.
 If only you had put forth effort to use differently your charm.
I take you out in public and expose you for who you really are inside.
 Now, everyone knows your secrets, and you can no longer hide!