Written by: Neldy Jolo

Good legacy is one of a kind treasure
That will last for generations
With the bucket of love we all share
Shall remain forever

We listened with our hearts, eyes and minds
To the knowledge you have shared from within
As war of peace shall escalate then
Prejudices and biases shall come to rest

We show respect and say no fouls
As we taste the growing ranks of peace revolutions
Pace of peace from a single "STEP"
Together with "I MESSAGE"
That we "REPHRASED" shall perish on earth

We cannot change natural behavior
But we can control
We cannot even measure how far is too far
We can never go over limit to make peace
Because there is no limit to go over it

Heart is hard to govern
Keep changing its feeling from time to time
But heart is emotionally and sincerely forgiving
Because it is naturally God given
If we have done something hurting
We shall be forgiven

Thank you and thank you
For the wisdom we learned from you
Because saying the words
Are the most just freedom
We can do

Written during the ACCESS Philippines Program, Peace Learning Center, Indianapolis, 
Indiana, USA, April 22, 2006, 2:22am