Close to dusk

Written by: Stefania Carmen Misaila

It smells like June around the sun, 
There’s no more shadow 
Left to drape around me.
From so much dark I free my spirit 
And cast it away into the light.
Inside the grass, all that
Green craves for dusk,
And I, as told, sprout my shade 
Around its ends. 
Chamomile lay around the fountains,
Where yellow tresses
Frolic through the grapes. 
I need one sip of the 
Fainted heat and then a whiff of wine.
All those stars plummet on my cheeks,
Blooming, wishes overdosed.
I sparkle my feet inside the grass, 
Green touched rough around my toes.
One step so strongly inside
The dark, yet I feel
So free at last.

© 2009 Stefania Carmen Misaila