Friendship Replenished

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

After eight long years fate has brought us back in contact.
Maturity and time apart has gotten us back on track. 
With the help of our friends, we are talking again.
For so long I have not seen you, 
I'm looking so forward to do that soon
So we can talk under the light of the moon.

I will be so happy to be near you again,
To laugh and chill like two old friends.
To reminisce about all of the fun we had,
And how we used to travel the country paths.

Small town, Monroe, that's how it all started. 
Working at Piccadilly, our friendship flourished,
And somehow we parted.
Now we are getting re-nourished.
We were not fully equipped for each other back then,
But now we are on all eight cylinders.
That is why we are back at close friends.