The Reason

Written by: Lary Houston

I don't know the reason I've been here so long
  my life has been nothing, but one long, sad song.
God must have something that I've yet to do
  because if I had my way this life would be through.
I've rambled and stumbled down life's highway
  and I've always failed trying to do it my way.
Since my Savior touched me life's not been the same
  and He knows I'm tired of this sinful life's game.
I yearn to be with Him and sit at His feet
  be where there's no sorrow, no pain or defeat.
Sing with the angels giving God praise
  listen to Lazarus tell how he was raised.
Each day I am praying for His will to be done
  that this world will repent and believe on God's Son.
Although I am weary I'll do what I can
  for the Glory of God and salvation of man.