To Miss Mckay

Written by: cameron holden

The day was glorious, sun splitting the sky,
Sat down in utter bewilderment I asked myself why,
It started round with one  miss Mckay around 5 years ago or so,
When i think of you i wonder what I meant,
Your hair so black like the darkest of nights,
Your eyes they shone like the brightest of lights,
Your skin so soft yet tanned to perfection,
From the island of Ceylon a Godess among the living,
Your voice it carried on the morning breeze,
What could you see in a man like me,
Whenever i saw you my heart skipped a beat,
I was bereft of my senses, my train of thought lost,
Speachless forever it was like I was lost,
Lost at sea like a wandering soul,
Traversing the void like a ghoul in days of old,
It makes no sense to me at all,
Why do we desire what we can't attain,
Life is about surviving, defeating the mundane,
But love oh love it destroys my heart,
It sends me deeper and deeper into the black,
But i beg thee head not my words of woe,
For love the destroyer, it can also make you whole.