Your Hope

Written by: Elizabeth Schlicht

Your hope is in the Lord,
Of this I have no doubt
Your hope is in the Lord;
E’en when the fires burned you out

Your hope is in the Lord,
With every trial that comes your way
Your hope is in the Lord,
When your faith begins to sway

Your hope is in the Lord,
One day all will be fulfilled
Your life on Earth will vanish like the ink upon a quill

You’ll wake one day in Heaven,
See your Jesus face to face
You’ll shout and sing His praises;
Proclaim Amazing Grace

Oh what a glorious day 'twill be,
When your race on earth is o’er
You will walk upon the streets of gold;
Greeting those who’ve gone before

You’ll see your daughter’s shining face
Hear her whisper…”mom”

You see… 
Your Hope is with the Lord,
And there she will live on

When you shall pass from Earth’s dark veil,
We will not cry and mourn
‘Cause God moves in mysterious ways, 
His wonders to perform; 
He plants His footsteps in the sea, 
And rides upon the storm