Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Written by: Cherica Eckiwaudah

Through my dark brown eyes, he was the best.
My heart knew he was better than the rest.

His voice was smoother than velvety silk.
His songs quenched my thirst more than milk.

Some people thought he was just a giant weirdo.
They didn't even give him a chance, how could they know?

The songs he wrote were absolutely brilliant.
They were really astonishing and different.

He was awesome and one of a kind.
He was number one in my mind.

Its a shame he had to leave so early in his life.
Feels like someone stabbed my heart with a knife.

He will always be my favorite singer.
In my mind, his voice will always linger.

I am done with this poem, it is finally finished.
He will always be forever missed.

By: Cherica Eckiwaudah