Love Between Us

Written by: SITI SUHANA

I woke up that nite,
And I turned on the lite,
I walked slowly towards the window,
And I heard the wind blow,
I still remembered that time,
When you and I had a lot of fun,
I couldn't sleep without seeing your smile,
Kept my heart lots of miles,
But now you are far away from here,
Left me alone with this fear,
I couldn't stop thinking of you,
Though I knew it was not that you wanted to,
I would not forget your advice,
As it melts my heart like the ice,
I still kept the card you gave me lastMarch,
With the words inside 'I love You so much'
Now you had left this wonderful world,
With this letter in a small bottle,
I will keep it like it is alive,
Because I love you too to the end of my life