The Other Side of Reality....Cleave form

Written by: Trudy Diane Rider

This is three separate poems, that when put together (and read left to right ) make one.
1.                                   2.                                3.
Once upon	            My fairytale                   There began
a time when my heart       and his nightmare,         dreadful and horrid,
was carefree and gay        sailing together              a journey, sailing
sweet and innocent          on different ships            through a crystal mist

Life was good                  and for a while                two souls drifted on
lifting in song                   a story spun                  full of promise
a fantasy that                   fell sugary                     ripe and whole and
was dripping                    from my lips                   succulent

like honey.                       When stormy days          In torrential rains
Then he sailed in               on broken sails               clinging to life
and stole my heart,            our two ships                weathering the storm
our destinies                     did collide                       with solid resolve

Now linked together          His nightmare                 blind with fear
as his wild rages               ripped my fantasy           plunging into darkness
shattered and broke         apart, before                   gasping and smashing
the glass bubble               my very eyes                  stinging with rage

But through it all              Love saved us both         as the clouds parted
Our love rang true and on  that magic day               the seas calmed on
the dawning day                when sun shone             down again
we made it                        through the gale            beaten but not broken

safe and sound,                 together on a dingy        with faith renewed
Two as one, together          now hand in hand           I stand with you
into our sunset.                  we sail                           reborn

                                         On the other side
                                          of reality
                                         from our fears
                                         we're both set free

For Michael Jordons poetry contest, The other side of reality