Life of a “Souper” (Tribute to all Soupers)

Written by: Nathan Leccese

Rhyming, chiming, keeping in time,
   Mind of a poet line after line.

Creative, clever, twisting of words,
   Sometimes the rhymes come only in thirds.

Struggle, problems, writers block here,
   Pondering subjects keeping mind clear.

Inspired, encouraged, words now flow,
   Refreshing your mind helping you grow.

Excited, wired, publishing your work,
   Waiting for comments going berserk.

Scared, afraid, that no one will like,
   The words you wrote may cause a strike.

Praises, glory, come flooding your way,
   Sharing thoughts from your words displayed.

Growth, rebirth, are traits from the soup,
   Accepted by all part of the group.

Nathan Bane Leccese
© All Rights Reserved 06/16/09