Ever Watchful

Written by: Krista Kurth

To the casual observer, even to herself sometimes,
She appears calm and collected.
But inside, the She-wolf stands on high alert,
Ever watchful, in a fierce state of attention.  

Her eyes intensely attuned to the subtlest movements
In the world around her.
Her ears pricked up, listening
For the slightest sign of possible danger.

Her keen nose sniffing out any scent of mal odor, 
portending threats to her well being.
Every muscle and fiber of her being ready 
To move swiftly at a moments notice.

Don’t let her seemingly serene demeanor fool you.
She is ferocious and poised to pounce, in an instant.
She will attack and bite your head off, before you even know what hit you,
Just to protect herself and the young one inside.