Written by: brandy megens

in my dreams im superwoman
saving all the private ryans
untouchable and immortal

in my dreams i'm darth vader
i am the king of the dark
luke i am your father 

in my dreams i can sing 
with notes so high
i can shatter glass

in my dreams i am rich
feeding all the little boys and girls
saving families from around the world

in my dreams i never walked outside the line
my life never consisted of committing crimes
i turned out to be a hero not a villan

in my dreams i am a virgin
sex never crossed my mind
i'm still innocent and pure

in my dreams i am pretty
nothing but simple and witty
again this is in my dreams

in my dreams i am in love
with lifes own blessings
passing on hope to those i meet

in my dreams the world is righteous
the system never fails anyone
the wicked are punished and the innocent are free

in my dreams you and i are friends
friends until the end
not convienance or loose ends

in my dreams God will forgive me
as i learn to forgive myself
i make ammends to all those i hurt

these are what my dreams are
nothing that can be bought
to me this is more than alot