Angelic Intervention

Written by: Deborah Jarrell

This is a colabration between I and a friend, his name is Dhruv Pandya.

Command this commandment,
living in the light, 
waking in the dark,
they toil,
every day golden suns come up night and day,
swaying in labor fields making human mind capital,
shadows of lights are yet still dark,
yet it doesn't quench the thirst,
1st of life is beyond living,
walking in death while waking,
a life that is living in light as dark,
without a sight for acknowledgeable real color differentials,
a walking waking dream,
a lost memory,
driving time backwards to eternity,
commanding in chiefs of all resurrections.

written by Dhruv Pandya

I'm sending harmony,
Through the air,
My voice of light will,
Bring you joy not despair,
I'll shower thee,
With treasured true gifts,
Of love and devotion,
From the bluest sky of mist,
No traps to befall you,
No restraints shall stall you,
No boundaries will ground you,
No liars can challenge you,
You'll carry your heart,
For the world to see,
For it bears the truht,
Of you and your destiny,
You'll hear my voice,
As you grow,
People call it intutation,
For they do not know,
I am your guardian,
Granted you at birth,
I'm here for you,
Through your life upon,

Written by Deborah Jarrell Broussard