Written by: brandy megens

i sit and i stare up there into the night
hoplessly awaiting your arrival
to sweep me off my feet and woosh me away

somewhere over the sunset lies love ever after
wrinkled pages of old time lovers 
drift aimlessly amongst the ocean waves

in a bottle capped many of years ago
a written promise between two lovers
marital bliss sealed in a kiss

making love under the stars
counting every shooting one
paralized with infatuation

dreaming of a world that welcomes change
where diversity is more than a word
victory united we become strong

holding hands and skipping rocks
melting marshmellows on the fire
charcoal becoming ash

getting high on orgasams
drunk on euphoria
moments treasured forever

moonlight captures her beauty
silence fills the midnight air
peace and serenity steal the show

desperation calls for a plan
mapping out a destination
recalling this time in our future

saying goodbye is what we fear
forgetting we were ever here
lonliness scares us forever