Written by: brandy megens

i sing out loud bacause i am free

i cry at night because you're not with me

i pray to God to forgive my sins

i go to church to confess them

i understand that we are all different

and thats what makes the world go round

yet i struggle with resistance that

bounds me to the ground

i laugh when you are angry to avoid a bigger fight

you call me out my name to make yourself feel better

we make love under circumstances that don't always make sense

people say i'm a looser because i didn't finish school

i ask them if they lost their job would they know how to survive

in the streets lies a jungle that leaves every men for his own

at the place nothing matters except saving face

i wear my clothes some with holes but to me its called fashion

to you its about the price and dollar otherwise it belongs in the trash bin

so many happy people masking their feelings behind cold eyes

what a world we live in when the truth is based on lies

enter my world and walk in my shoes see if its what you'd choose

then go to bed in your fancy house and drink your filthy booze

snooze your life away im living for today