My Mother

Written by: Cammy Jo Jackson

Hard to believe; difficult to grasp.
Why she never cared, why I never asked.
I know she loved me deep down inside, 
but from what I've learned, she never really tried.
So listen very closely to what I have to say,
because it's something in my life that will never fade away.
As a little girl, my momma did drugs, 
she hardly ever gave me kisses and hugs.
She would always get drunk like I was not even there,
start fighting and punching with guys she brought home, while I sat there and stared.
She never even knew the men and they were not even considered a friend,
but by morning he would be gone and she would bring another one in.
Before school without any help, 
I would pick out my clothes and get dressed all by myself.
When I got to class, my teacher would fix my hair for me,
and she would make it look as pretty as can be.
If I had any homework and there was an answer I could not find,
I would not even bother asking her because she never had time.
I never had any friends that play with me outside,
instead they would just laugh at me as I walked on by.
Even though she gave up and never gave it a chance,
she never encouraged me not to repeat the mistakes she made and take another glance.
So if you were listening to what I just said,
no matter what happens, never give up and always stay ahead.