you said goodbye

Written by: rebecca howard

you said goodbye 
I said don't go 
you packed your stuff 
and walked out the door 
I ran to the window 
as tears stroked my cheeks 
I screamed to you 
as you walked down the street 
you didn't look back 
you broke my heart 
I loved you so much 
and you broke it apart 
I picked up the pieces 
it took months and months 
I told myself that 
it was all my fault 
but now that I'm happy 
you come knocking on my door 
you say that your sorry 
that you want to come back 
I said that I'm sorry 
I don't want you back 
you beg and you scream 
as tears stream down your cheeks 
I walk away and down the street 
I don't look back 
but I hear you crying 
how does it feel 
now do you know 
you broke my heart 
now I broke yours