Addicted.. The Untold War

Written by: Kelli Egloff-Metzgar

You don't know me
We have never met
Yet somehow, your face
before me
I cannot forget
I envision you
Your eyes, your nose, 
your mouth
Although you do not exist as
a being
You are sweet to smell
I imagine you are sour to taste
But somehow you make people
feel empowered, addicted
You ruin lives and families
You make babies born needing
you before
They even take their first breath
You take mothers and fathers
Aunts, uncles, and cousins
You take the young ones,
The teenagers so easily
You stop their lives
And I just don't understand
If more people said "no"
If more people had control
Maybe you would eventually go
Maybe you would not even exist
This is my greatest wish.