The Hierarchy of Love

Written by: ridge mayberry

Sit down and listen
As i hasten
To explain
What no car, jet, or plane
Can take you from.
So why don't you come
And listen to my explanation of.
The hierarchy of love.
First and foremost
Is the post
Of Queen and King.
Now listen as i sing
A song of love,
That glorious thing from above
That brings a couple together,
Completing them, now and forever
However that's not the end of
The hierarchy of love.
You see,
Next would come the royal family.
For the marriage of queen and king
Serves to bring
Two families together
Now and forever.
But wait there's more
Because if not for
The good friend
Who brings an end
To the single life of
The one looking for love.
So thank you bishops, ladies, and dukes
For this fluke
Of nature that is love,
That unites us together, my dove.