Written by: Cesar Cantu

*Another oldie, yet not as ancient as the last one; I sometimes wonder if I should have
stayed like this...then I read myself and say "...I'm evolving, it is ok"; enjoy please =)*

Your garden just choked
And the desert from nowhere rose
You sailed into the kingdom
Built out of tears that love

Loners sail in cursed boats
Cursed boats don’t marry a cloud
Clouds send comfort in rain
Rain…not available for now

The wind is just silent
No sunrise or sunset in sight
Black tears, polluted pearls
They are pure poison
Avoid temptation or kiss Death

Shadows rise in the horizon
Dancing melodies build a path
Into my humble dominions
Come in
Be in peace

Learn about love, from a poetic sea
Remembered by a forgotten coast
They bring you to me
A former tulip, married to a rose

I’m the old man from the lighthouse
Broken souls, invited you are
Whenever bad memories turn into mist
Come and feed from my light