Things Running Thru His Mind

Written by: John Boak

a memory of love in the distant past
aches that clings to the heart like rust
is the feeling real? is the feeling true?
does he really deserve to feel so blue?
she was everything that he ever wanted
he loved her for longer than was expected
is it right to love her beyond logic and  reason?
to let the love go on thru the changing of seasons?
she was his angel, his eternal flame
thru  years that passed his feelings stayed the same
would it be right to really take a chance?
to love her still and go on living in a trance?
she meant everything to him, his reason for being
but thru the years he had only been dreaming
is it time to wake up? time to accept it all?
or should he stay mesmerized and enthralled?
she thinks he is a pest, a nuisance at best
from contacting her she wishes he would rest
would it be best to give up and move on?
or end it all and from this world be gone?
these are the things that runs thru his mind
why had his fate been bad, been truly unkind?
now he struggles as his self he tries to preserve
he already had more pain than anyone could ever deserve
is he paying for some unknown evil deed?
is he reaping the fruits of a karmic seed?
answers and peace he is trying hard to find
as he ponders on things running thru his mind