I Died For You

Written by: ian schnitzler

I Died For You,  that pain that hides deep inside my soul that hurts as if im going 100
crashing my car into a pole.
I borrowed you my heart and you gave it back broken.
As i try to find all the pieces i ball my fists and my anger releases.
Today was the day that u said that you loved me.
Then you tell me you will never hurt me but you lied.
 I cried and i cried and i cried until i could cry no more.
 Waiting for your footsteps to walk through the door.
 Hours later i am in my bed with red stains and slits in my wrists.
 As i doze off into a dark sleep i see that bright light so I take a giant leap towards it.
 We were suppose to be together forever but now i am dead and when I'm coming back is it
Next month?
No its never.