G. I. Gurdjieff, Master of his House

Written by: Kristin Reynolds

.                                                           One

                                                        true man;
                                                master of his house;
                                            driver of his own carriage;
                                       teacher of the secret knowledge;
                                   enlightener who found the miraculous;
                         the breaker of men’s prisons and permanent sleep;
                 the opener of eyes (and I’s) – all octaves vibrate to his purpose –
         ray of creation bringer, guide to God and releaser of truth to all who may see;
     the merciless driver of self-discipline - whipping the beast until he sees,understands.
But not the enforcer. Never that. Just the teacher lighting the way for the undisciplined horde.
G. I. Gurdjieff is his own master; for his eyes are open. He sees the enneagram in all things.
        He is crystalline force of will – one with all creation; seer, doer – he is purpose.
                    No mere man can do until he is the master of his domain.
                          All secrets lay asleep in a prison without master –
                                  open your eyes! Master your master!
                                          Recognize no-one is home;
                                                wake-up, wake-up!
                                                    See your one
                                                        true self.


© Kristin Reynolds 5 21 09

*Reposted while looking through my archives for a poem for chris's contest. 
Dedicated to G.I. Gurdjieff: Ray of Creation, Enneagram, and in search of the miraculous