my moms an escort

Written by: myishia williams

why did this have to be me
(my life)
a perfect mother by day
but an escort by night
i live in the biggest home
have the best cars
and i wear the prettiest clothes....
but only because my mother
(is a hoe)
different men....
more then one in a night
she says she doesnt have sex
(with all of them)
but sex is not why i cry
sex is not what its all about
shes the talk of the town
and the rumor at my high school
she pays it no mind
swaring its just a job
but i see no time cards
and she cashes no checks
all the men keep telling me is
(your next) (im next)

but itll be a cold day in hell

before i follow in my mothers


why couldnt my mother

be a normal one...

or why couldnt i just be....

from another home