I'm Not A Fighter I'm A Writer

Written by: ian schnitzler

First day of Highschool, A kid trips me, 
 I get up, 
he pushes me back down,
 punches me in the face,
  then leaves.
I could have got back up and beat him up
 but I'm not a fighter I'm a writer.
Even when they get me so angry
 I'm ready to catch fire
 like a lighter
 but i don't
 beacuse I'm not a fighter I'm a writer.
Sometimes, when I get so stressed
 I'm ready to give up
  because it feels like i have no other opption.
like a mother that has no food or no money
 so she has to give up her only kid up for adoption.
I still manage to deal with it
 one day at a time
 beacause I'm not a fighter I'm a writer.
Instead of using my fists as weapons
 the only weapons i use is my pen and my thoughts
 to beat up the paper.
A few years later
 I run into that same kid
  he corners me in the bathroom 
and starts hitting me over and over
until my face turns numb then he walks away.
I rush to my backback
 to get my pen and notebook to unleash my anger
 to find that its not there.
I look up at that kid as he walks away
 and that day i became the fighter instead of the writer.