Written by: Steve Voorhees

Is this the foothold you sought
  when love decayed and left you wanting?
Avenged in miniscule degrees, each vindicated
moment a trivial gilded victory...
The stars align in nonsensical patterns
incouraging this gazer to find 
fascination in fabricated Andromeda flirting.

Sweeping up shreds of delight to amass
a semblance of happiness melded
together with lint and common dust~~
We wont discard this...the loveliest
loving we know....a taste of wine
for the deprived and ignorant.
blissfully swirling this singular sip allotted
...mindful not to spit, but relish it.

This sun will suit the pale skin
from abandoned rainy days present and forever.
Not fully basking but splashing past blinds
in a dark house as we ran back and forth 
to know the warmth from these sparing, yet splendid, beams. 

Always the starved will be longing,
chasing the sated-the heartfilled complacent,
an impossible seperation, upstairs to basement.
No empty lust filled affair could ever replace it
...but must suffice today, as we are just so