Movie review

Written by: Sandra Hudson

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Delectable nostalgic film:

Toe tapping “can” song
I am a Man song

Journey without seeking the treasure
Cows can’t swim, roofs measure

Little people push brooms
Fiancés deck grooms

Politicians run out on a rail
Some dance, with their tail

Baby face throws Bi-polar
Getaway car-high roller

Sirens sing then whisk away
Leaving toads behind that day

Blind rail traveler foretells all
But the rail car scene, Oh man- that fall!

“Kin is kin”- “gopher Everett”? 
“Dapper Dan man”, with a hair net

Some scenes I’d cut
Not necessary they put 

But otherwise a great dime
About three men “not” doing time

I’ve seen it about 4 times, still singing the songs