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Written by: Nadia Shahwan

Her mysterious smile!
Spoke revolting silence’s bile
Prior to chewing her file

Magnificent eyes
Though eyeshades exiled brief style
What words did she store in sigh?!

Tranquilly resting
Soft poems she grasps quickly
Portraying warm monarchy

Her choka poems knew who!?
Her signature revealed two
Fingers are syllables’ queue

Mona Lisa heard
Thunders laminate trajet
Dehiscing Alps behind her

Rivers grow at once
Meadows steam in an instance
Melting flexible substance

The French bridge slithers
TGV rushing jewels
Challenging wind’s high fevers

Steaming beach can bleach
Baking landscapes and seaweed
Stampeding music beneath

Is the collider
Baking tears six feet under?
Shown at left elbow’s corner	

If you look at the
Print one foot far… turn over
See… falling dizzy comet?

Where did she go to?
Riding her chariot’s furrow?
To church? Her hands’ prayer fold

Her wedding ring is
Cherished with great love for him
Their children behind singing
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By: Nadia F. Shahwan - April 2009. Note: This is an innocent discovery of the Mona Lisa's