The Sound of Leaves

Written by: Judith Angell Meyer

Walking	-     leaves crackle crisply
Strolling	-     leaves shuffle and bugs scamper
Running	-     leaves crack and explode powder dry
Sitting	-     leaves clack softly as they hit the ground

Walking in snow - leaf voices are muted
as the white blanket
covers them for their winter nap.

Walking in a spring rain - leaves sigh softly
as they succumb to decomposition,
dissolving into the delicate lace that nourishes the earth.

Walking in summer shade - leaves now green,
humming to themselves in the hot breezes,
sneezing as they dust themselves off.

Walking in leaves of fall - dying; they sing a dirge, mourning summer.
 — mulch now — 
they contemplate their own demise,
waiting for spring.