Written by: Fernando Lachica

Author:  Fernando Lachica

Poem:  A Walk

I went for a walk
Just to be with myself
And the nature's calling
For my spirit to relive.

I went for a walk
Amidst beautiful sky...
                                    green grass....
                                                           multicolored flowers...

Amidst beautiful trees with hues of gold...
Blinding yellows laced with orange and reds..
Fall flowers scent the air.

I walk softly, slowly, with nothing on my mind
This walk was for my soul.
Butterflies floating around 
Setting the tone   
For a light hearted glow  
To enter my heart.

A true thing of beauty...
A glimmer turn my awareness
And point me 
In a direction to notice the things
That are usually obscured
From the motion of my mind.
The motion of the day
That shades my heart
And dulls my soul.

Truly, I felt my soul...

With a half smile
The one that is present
Without trying.
That easy soft one
From the spirit
That causes the heart to glow
And is attractive to others
I breathe deeply
Asking for God's direction.

I feel and see what is there...
I am filled with all things
I am graced with all these creations
Playing off each other 
In perfect harmony.

I walk...softly...slowly...

To my destiny.