Symphony of Halt and Home

Written by: A. Sanders

I cannot challenge such attributes.

I cannot outshine.

I cannot compete.

By what you choose to value I am dim, unpolished and of little worth.

And so,

I lay down my weapons this night.
I concede this fight.
I offer all that I lack just to keep your attention for one minute more.

To say,

I will not fight this battle any longer,
Blood against Laughter and Moon against Sun.

I will not keep you chained though courtesy or guilt or sense of duty.

I am not for this, I withdraw.

I give up on this world.
It has bested me and I am exhausted from fighting for it, 
Against it.

As it never was, so shall it be again.

A One, whom never belonged, returned from whence it came.

Simple truths, like flame, extinguished in every hidden door.

Home I go,

Only Hope that I know,

For this World I have nothing more.