the abused child

Written by: stacey trolan

I am just a child, no older than five. With everything I've been through in the past its a 
wonder I've survived.
Nobody knows or will ever understand, How long I've been at the receiving end of this red 
The way that i'm treated can be described as nothing but unfair. Why me?, why have i been 
brought in to this world with parents who don't seem to care?.
I blame myself sometimes for my mother loosing her temper. Was there ever any good 
times?, if so i don't seem to remember.
My father just goes along with everything she does and says, and i have to go along with the 
beatings that last for days.
What will become of me as a person?, who will i be?, when shouting and beatings are all that 
i see.
I will do my best to stay on their good side, to behave, as i don't want to end up in an early 
This can't go on forever its already been years. I have been through it all, i cant shed any 
more tears.
I know in my heart that some day this will be over and I'll no longer be alone, that a proper 
family will look after me and make their house my home.