A man and 12 pounds

Written by: osayande osaghae

When a man has a pound,
he grovels on the ground.

If he gets two,
he searches for gals to woo.

when he has three,
he goes on a spending spree.

when he has four pounds, 
he gets naughty by leaps and bounds.

When he gets to five
thinks he's got more than a life

when he gets six
he looks for ladies to fix.

On getting to seven,
he thinks he's in heaven.

Finding himself at eight,
he uses ladies as his bait.

Now, holla! he's got nine pounds,
he's sniffing around for more, like hounds.

Yikes, he gets to ten;
he's like a lion, fat in its den.

Now, add an extra one
and he's looking for extra fun.

Make it twelve, and then
he thinks he's got nothing to learn!