Am i wrong...?

Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

Is it so wrong,
That I end our friendship?
Is it so wrong
To go a thousand leaps?

Is it wrong for me to do so?
To stay away from you,
To have a firm stand
Coz I have hatred none knew

I can't help but hate for what you say
I can't help but be this way
What caused me to hate this much?
Because you said Nay!

What have you learnt really
Till it's different from the knows of me
Opposed ever so greatly
That caused arguments majorly?

It is best we go different ways,
And not associate in any day
This is all I have to say
And our friendship I shall lay

Apologies I do ask
If I hurt you heart
Apologies I do ask
Because we have to part

Gratitude I sent to you
For all the sacrifices you made
Gratitude I sent to you
For all the assistance you gave

Now goodbye I bid to you
Only histories I left behind
Unless fate states it so
We shall meet further in time