Solace In Sand

Written by: Christie Moses

we dance to the offbeat sound
           of daisies in our hair
(freedom comes in many forms)
hot sand on our bare feet 
as we twirl and twirl to sounds
that others just are deaf to
I go here when I can’t breathe
this is the place to come
                when life crushes
when it beats me beneath a boot stomp
of sorrow and invisibility

miles of blue ocean….
              unsolved mystery
and shoreline of tranquility 
warm balmy caresses on tanned cheeks
palm trees sway along with the breeze
seems they hear our song….

I am free here…in this utopia
a nirvana just for little Bri and me
she hears my music….she laughs
(and the sound is like a thousand stars)
and she spins to the notes
floating on the air 
caught on a euphoric wind

I see her blue eyes smiling
(the whole sky shimmers there)
her little wood sprite giggles
fits of them as she chants
“watch me mommy!”
tiny chubby arms out wide
embracing life 

and my heart melts 
as she captures the wind
in baby hands and kisses  it
with innocent girl lips
and lets it flow back out
caught up in the laughter
I forget that life is hard

can you hear our music?
come and play here….
only us three….we would dance

yes….daisies shine in our hair
girlish giggles skip the waves
we are united in our paradise
and  pirouette faster and faster
 in these moments 
the ragged hurt disappears
and the sun shines again

will we see you there?
there is room for you....